Friday, March 19, 2010


Even though my cherry blossoms are not as famous as some on the east coast, they in every way are just as beautiful. I know mine came from the local garden center and not Japan,I know when they are in full bloom there is a good chance of them getting "a bite" of frost, I know millions will not see them to enjoy, and I know they,like the famous ones last only a couple weeks.

So as soon as the time is right I go out and snitch some of last years "suckers" (do not prune your cherry tree until after they bloom)to bring inside and force them to bloom.

The process is so easy...all you need to do is smash the end of the branch with a hammer like in the picture. Thats it! Because they are a woody stem a clean cut does not allow them to absorb water...that is why they need to be smashed, or if you don't have a hammer you can make cuts about 1 inch up the stem.

When you have all you want simply put them in a pretty vase with slightly warm water along with a drop of bleach, not much just a drop to keep the water from will need to change the water daily simply because of that. But believe me it is worth the effort! Now just wait... and......wait....and ....wait :)
But in the mean time enjoy the fresh look in your room.

This can be done with other spring blooming bushes and trees too.

Pretty isn't it...even without the blooms!
Have a great day and enjoy the beauty of spring! It's God's gift to us after the long winter.


  1. fancy that! i cant wait to see them in bloom

  2. lovely. I like being patient and watching as the blossoms develop and being thrilled while they last.

  3. Wow, who knew that smashing the stems with a hammer would help them absorb water? I bet they'll look stupendous once they bloom!