Monday, March 29, 2010


As you start to plan your wonderful wedding day your first thoughts usually go to "THE DRESS"...after all this is the most important piece of clothing you will ever wear. You start by buying all the Bride's magazines you can get your hands on...but aren't exactly a size 0 or your not a bazillionair! You visit all the Bridal Boutiques and realize you won't be the only one wearing that dress on that day...what's a bride to do?? Wellllll enter the wonderful world of the Independent Designer!

You seriously have to look no further than the World Wide Web....and the best www. to start with is Etsy! I joined Etsy in 2005 just a month or two after they first launched with my first shop Bonghi Vestiti. Back then the hand crafted wedding crazy had not yet is amazing the evolution of this site, and now with all the wedding vendors on Etsy (myself included) it is so easy to find unique,one of a kind,excellent priced items for your special day.

One of the best designer's in my opinion is Cynthia of COLORADA...not only are her creations one of a kind they are very ECO FRIENDLY! This wonderful designer can take just about any fabric find and turn it into a beautiful work of art.

This gown is just one of the beautiful examples of her gowns that she has wonderfully designed and brought to life. I just love all the shades of cream,tans,and me this allows so many options for your accessories and flowers. (I think my Sunset Bouquet would look stunning with this don't you?)

If you are "Musing" the hunt for a beautiful gown COLORADA is the perfect place to start! (Plus she has a lot of other creations and goodies)

If you have any questions about any items in either of our shops please feel free to convo :)

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  1. absolutely STUNNING!!!! thank you for sharing with us all!!!! 10 gold Stars!!!! and eco friendly -- what more does one need! hugs...pops