Tuesday, March 16, 2010


{I really should call this "WONDERFUL MEMORIES WREATH"! I can remember sitting at the kitchen table with sticky fingers trying to roll and gather my flowers as perfect as grandma's ...it never happened but she didn't care and she used my creations anyway. She never made a wreath but made stem flowers to freshen up the tired bouquet on her dining room table.

One thing that is different is the fact that crepe paper is about half the size it was in the early 1960's....and we used good ole Elmer's glue, no such thing as a hot glue gun.

I should have counted the number of roses I made for this, but I can tell you I never thought I was going to get all the way around the 10" wreath base!

It is so elegant and dainty,making it perfect for wedding decor, babies room, or a springy gift for someone special (Mother's day is coming)...it is paper so I would be careful if you hang it outside...and please keep it away from flames!

You can get complete information in my shop...thank you for stopping by!

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