Tuesday, October 19, 2010


One thing I have been asked is "How can you afford to eat organic?" Usually my reply is "How can you afford not too!" But seriously it does cost a little more at first... but in the long run not really! I try very hard to be "frugal" and one thing I do notice myself doing is I don't let anything go to waste. If I pay a little more for organic produce I make sure I use every inch of it...so in reality it does cost less.

Tonight is "Clean out the fridge" night...and it is amazing what you can come up with!

#1...Along with the organic,free-range chicken we will be having stuffing...made totally out of leftovers! I had some homemade organic bread and cornbread, organic celery,half a onion, some carrots and a lot of this weeks fresh herbs (from the farmers market)...nothing going to waste!

#2...The ends of the celery and onions along with the stems of the herbs are cooking on the stove and I will freeze them to use as veggie stock. I do put a pinch of sea salt to take the edge off the bitterness. I will strain this before freezing.

#3...A zucchini,leek and half a jar of my canned tomatoes will become a side dish.

#4...Keep those expensive fresh herbs longer by smashing the ends of the stems and putting them in a container of water...and keep in the fridge. Why smash the ends you ask? (This is the florist coming out in me)...woody stems can not absorb water without being feathered....God put bark on stems so they won't become water logged but if you crack the bark your herbs will be able to drink a little water. Just a little tap with the side of the knife is all it will take.

So see you can be frugal and eat organic at the same time. When shopping for organic fruits and veggies go with a plan. Do some research and scan some recipes...write down possibilities. If shopping at Farmer's Markets this is always a good idea because you don't exactly what your going to find.

Have a wonderful day!!

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