Thursday, May 19, 2011


As you can see it has been a long time since my last post. Sooooooo many things have happened and changed since then it's hard to know where to start.

So I will just mention a couple...

"Kelsie was the Heartbeat at my feet for 6 wonderful years"

To start with life goes on and time heals. On April 27 my sweet little Kelsie passed away and is now running in the flowered fields of Puppy Heaven. We tried everything we knew to keep her with us but in the end God said it was her time to be with Him. (You can read more about her illness here).
If anyone ever tells you that it is silly to have a broken heart over the loss of a pet do not listen to them...for they are the ones that have the problem not you!

So because of Kelsie's illness and special diet needs I have started a Holistic approach to dog care. I am about to launch a line of treats that are actually good for of wheat,corn,sugars,salts,dyes etc...
Kelsie was on a high protein diet and was not to have most things that are put into off the shelf food and I started cooking and making her treats and found that most food that can be bought in the big box stores is basically JUNK! So I have made it my mission to educate myself and soon provide the options I have learned.

Along with the treats I am making collars and toys for both dogs and cats...Things are moving along but slowly....but sometimes slow isnt a bad thing. :)

I'm not totally sure what I am going to call this new venture...I am actually thinking PAWsitives or PAWtanico....feed back is welcome!

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