Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Every now and then a florist is asked to do a wedding that will be remembered forever. Well I recently did one such wedding. When my bride Melanie asked if we could do a "Celestial" theme I was excited...having never done one before I thought it would be a wonderful challenge and my mind started to spin. The best part was Melanie knew just what she wanted and with several emails across the pond we finalized everything and I got busy searching for the unique elements to put in the design.

At first I thought it would be hard to find the rich jewel tone colors since most places were offering spring pastels. After some searching I found the beautiful blues,purples,and cranberry colors we needed. Melanie was not fussy about the "kind" of flowers I used so that helped...I was not limited...color was more important.

Then came the wire! I think I have found my new favorite element to use in bouquets! Oh my gosh I just love it! When I added this to the bouquets,along with the glass and silver beads everything just popped! It was the perfect accent to complete the package....I will be using it again thats for sure :)

The wedding is this weekend and I would love to be a fly on the wall to see it all put together.

Congratulations Melanie and Tris!


  1. Your creations took my breath away. Your care and consideration through every step of the way was impressive and your artistry is beyond compare. The huge smile that spread across my face when I first opened the box still remains every time I look at the flowers. They are whimsical, mysterious, deep and (hooray!) celestial. I can't wait to send you photos of the wedding. They say that flowers are the thing guests remember most about a wedding - and I say thank goodness because that part, at least, will be stellar. Cheers! Melanie

  2. Oh my thank you so much Melanie! You seriously have been one of my all time favorite brides! Best wishes to you and your new hubby....I can not wait to see the pics~ :)