Wednesday, September 29, 2010


After what I am calling a "Roller Coaster" of a summer I hopefully will be posting more often. I have decided to post the things that make life "tick" so to least in my world.

I will be posting about my Christian Faith,cooking,gardening,clothing,...all natural and organic of course....thoughts on weight loss,pets,frugal and easy living (we all need to slow down)and MAYBE once in a while the dreaded "P" word...yes I'm a political junkie and I do have my own thoughts about it and I love the fact we live in a country where we all can!

When I come across a product,event or blog, I will give a "Shout Out" fact I have done this in the past on my other blog and it is always a huge favorite!

So after one crazy summer of major ups and down I'm going to try to get things back to somewhat normal and do some posting!

Have a great day and stay tuned...

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