Monday, October 11, 2010


Today is a day that a few months ago we just didn't think we would be celebrating. Our little lady Kelsie is 6 years old. I know some will think it's crazy to get so excited for a pet's birthday,but we are!

In July right after our daughter's wedding I took Kelsie to the vet because I had noticed a little "hack" after she would drink water. They got her right in that day and I waited and I waited and I waited...finally late in the afternoon one of the vet techs called and the Dr. needed to talk to me right this was the first red flag. Upon arriving at the vet's office Amy took me into a room...the second red flag. Dr Miller comes in and with a look I will never forget,the third red flag....sits down and says "Kelsie is very sick". At this point I knew the red flags were coming together. He took me to the back where he showed me a normal x-ray and then showed me Kelsie's. I was shocked at what I saw...and I know nothing about reading x-rays. Her tiny little lungs were FULL of fluid! It was hard to see her heart...and I knew my precious little lady was on bought time. I looked at Dr Miller and asked him "What are you telling me" his answer is what I had feared....1 to 2 months. At this point I pretty much lost it...but he was so understanding and compassionate it did calm me down ...a little.

My reaction was,"well we will do what it takes!" He said "I knew you would" He explained to us that more tests were needed to pin point just why her protein levels are "deathly" low. To make a long painful story shorter I will jump to our decision.

Several trips to Orchard Park Vet Hospital near Buffalo Ny where they have specialists, and is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen! Expensive? Yes, Worth it? OH MY YES! After 2 stays in the hospital Kelsie was stable enough to do a biopsy on her liver and intestines. Dr Hedges confirmed what Dr Miller had thought...Lymphangiectasia (a name bigger than most of the dogs that get it!) They started her on meds and a special diet and so far she is one that is responding wonderfully to the treatment.

Last week I had her in for her checkup, we are down to once a month and not weekly, and I said to Dr Miller "I guess I am expecting a miracle" he said "YOUR GETTING ONE!"

So you see this is the short version of why today is so special to me...I still have my little lady...even though I know not what tomorrow will bring I thank God for our little miracle of being able to celebrate her birthday.



  1. I know just how precious our pets can be to us! Your little Kelsie is adorable! Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy BDAY Kelsie!


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  3. Awww! you are such good pet parents!

    So glad your pretty dog is still with you!