Tuesday, October 12, 2010


IT'S ALMOST HERE! Jan.1 that is...and time for you know what...the dreaded NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION! Yikes! Usually topping our list is weight loss or quit smoking. I don't smoke so I can't help you out with that one but I can give you a few tips on eating better and modifying your life style. Just a few simple things can get you on track so when Jan 1 comes around you will be a little ahead of the game!

#1--STOP! Drinking that soda or pop or whatever you call it....THAT STUFF IS SO BAD FOR YOU! Not only is is laden with stuff you can't pronounce it's loaded with calories. The "diet" drinks are full of artificial sweeteners that for some reason are approved by the FDA. In other words if you can't pronounce it don't drink it!

#2--The next time you get the urge for that doughnut or bagel with your coffee in the morning think again. Instead keep on hand whole grain and I mean GRAIN, just not whole wheat. Eat a piece of fruit first...before anything. If you must have your coffee sweetened please don't use the man made stuff.

#3--Try your best to rid your house of processed food. A good place to start is with chips,store bought cookies and crackers. Snack on carrots and cukes. Cucumbers actually have a "filling" quality to them and almost 0 calories. Try eating them plain but if you can't use sea salt not iodized salt!

#4--There is something to be said about the old saying "An apple a day"...I find eating one in the early evening does wonders :)

#5--SLIM DOWN your plate. I'm not sure when it happened but America seems to think we need a buffet on our dinner plate. If you actually use your salad plate or even a larger saucer and only fill that plate 1 time you will be amazed how much it will help!

These are just a few tips to get you going,if you plan to start a diet regiment you should go see your health care provider. The tips are my own opinion and not in any way suppose to be used as medical advice! Common sense is really our best healer!

Have a great evening!

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