Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Here are a few tips that if practiced will become second nature. It really isn't that hard when you stop and think about it but sometimes that "thinking about it" does go against our second nature.

#1*** Wash your baggies! I have been doing this forever and it saves so much trash and money you won't even believe it! (I do use the old fashion waxed paper bags when I can but lets face it they do nothing for liquids!) It is simple,I just turn the inside out,wash,and sit on end where they can drain or I towel dry them and put them away...just make sure you leave the top open so they don't become musty smelling.

#2*** Eventually the bags will get to the point of no return for food use, but wait you still don't have to toss them...I use them to line hanging planters (the coconut mat type) on the very bottom, drainage will sill occur on the side but the baggie will help keep it from running right through. Store seeds in for next year, and even use them as a scrubber...just take a few and wad up in a ball,wrap with a rubber band and presto you have a non abrasive tool. Granted they only hold up to a couple uses but it works!

#3***Don't laugh but I do the same with aluminum foil,well to a certain extent. If the foil has been used lightly just wash it off and dry and there you have a piece for the next time. I can't tell you how many times having these washed pieces have come in handy over the years!

#4*** Look up! Take a look at those lights! If your shade is full of gross dead bugs CLEAN IT! Not only is it not the most pleasant thing but it is stopping the light...that you are paying for...from getting through! Now make sure and use common sense when climbing on a step stool and DO NOT use your kitchen chair! They can tip if your weight is shifted just right...or just wait until someone can help you.

#5***I know glass is easy to recycle but why not do it for yourself? When buying a product off the shelf look for glass..."Only the best comes in Glass" use to be the motto for the glass factory my late father worked in, and you know what it's so true! Any mayo jar can be turned into an instant storage container for pantry products. Ball has come out with great lids that come in 2 sizes, and for a couple dollars you can save yourself from (YUCK) bugs in your food and it will keep things fresher longer. Plus they look nice...much better than the original lid that comes with the product.

Hope you find some of these useful and lets save some money and a little bit of God's green earth at the same time. :)

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