Monday, October 4, 2010


Every now and then you come across something,mostly by accident,and you wonder "What in the world did I do without it?" I have found such a treasure and at my local Goodwill store (yes I shop at Goodwill and I could go on and on about the awesome finds I have bought but not now) To my surprise when I checked out it was a whopping $.29! Yes you read that right $.29....sometimes I have guilt only paying this amount and now that I found how much I use this cookbook I really do!

Removing the 550 page hardbound treasure from the shelf I noticed it was from Rodale Press...done deal for I knew what to expect.Standing in line I started leafing through the mouthwatering content I was taken back by the information it held! It really is "The Healing Foods cookbook" The best part is that it breaks down the illness or disease into sections. A definition of the disease and what foods you should be eating, the basic food it's self and what it is useful for, recipes that span 14 chapters and a complete menu that target your specific needs.

After getting it home I decided on what recipe I would try and the results were fantastic. Every single one since have been fabulous!

The copyright is 1991 so you might have to do some searching but well worth it.

Happy Monday!

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