Thursday, July 14, 2011


As you know I cook for my dog(s)...I feel,and it's becoming very clear,it is the best for them. I don't like eating chemical laden food and I don't feel giving it to our fur family is the best option. I have been asked what can be done to improve diets in pets even if the owner chooses not to cook at this point.
It's always best to start out simple...once you do you will see it really isn't that time consuming,expensive or troublesome.

Probably the easiest thing is to add Olive oil,preferably Organic,cold-pressed, extra virgin...but any Olive oil is better than nothing. DO NOT add any oil containing corn! We will get into that in the near future. Olive oil contains EFA (essential fatty acids).Over a period of time you should see a difference in the skin and hair condition in your pet. Keep in mind Olive oil is high in calories,but they are good calories...if your pet is over weight keep this in mind. You should consult your vet if you have any questions about this.
I have always fed 1/2 tsp for every 10 lbs. You can start out doubling this if you want to give your dog's system a boost. Then after about 4 weeks cut back to normal measures. I will get into more benefits in adding oils to the diet down the road...this is just a place to start.

Sprinkle some dried Rosemary on the food as many great things packed into this aroma filled herb! It's not just for putting on your chicken anymore. It is full of antioxidants,beneficial for the organs and eyes.

When cooking FRESH veggies for your family...cook some for your dog too (I don't recommend giving them canned-unless it is home canned- because there is added sodium and preservatives). DO NOT add salt or butter to their portion...they don't need it!Never feed your dog or cat warm food...always let it cool to at least room temp. Even though a nice juicy carrot is great for them to chew on the best way is to feed it to them cooked. Dogs can not digest raw vegetables.Cooking them simulates what they would eat (if still in the wild) the digested vegetation in the stomach of the kill. This is how they get their carbs.Some of Stu's favorites are of course carrots but he LOVES broccoli,sweet potato,squash,celery,green bean,peas and yes brussel sprouts.He never knows what I'm going to fix for him...but he doesn't care just so it tastes good.
Foods to avoid! Mushrooms,onions,avocado,grapes,or raisins. They can be toxic especially eaten in a large amount.

I hope this helps a little to get you started in feeding your best friends better. Be proactive in their(and yours)health...a lot of the time vet bills can be avoided...which is a good thing!
I will be giving you more tips and stories on a holistic,natural approach to pet care. Goodness doesn't come from a box or a comes from nature like God intended!

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