Thursday, September 30, 2010


This is the first time in a very long time I am having to buy all my produce to can. When we moved we knew it would be a year or two before we would get to making a garden ...and oh how I miss it..but I will leave that for another day and post.

To our surprise it was a lot easier than we thought to find organic,farm fresh food. We quickly learned that there are a couple local farmers markets and produce stands that hit it out of the park as far as great quality. We relish in the thought of Saturday morning going to the Warren Co Pa Farmers Market and finding FRESH just picked produce! Tomatoes,squash,corn,apples and of course apple cider...yummmmm. By buying your fresh fruit and veggies as well as meat,cheese,eggs and milk you not only support the local economy but you do your body some good! But in reality going for the wonderful conversations you have with the farmers and gardeners far outweighs anything you can put in your market bag!

If you have the ability to buy local you are really doing more than you know! Every day you see in the news how the gov't is going to put so many regulations on the farmer, it is mind boggling and for the most part unjust. I will be venting about this topic in the very near future...I'm still collecting some will be shocked to see what is going on!

So the next time you buy that can of beans,bag of broccoli or yes that dozen of eggs ask yourself 3 simple questions. #1 Where did it come from, #2 How many miles did it travel before it was packaged and #3 WHAT ELSE IS IN IT?! The later might be the real eye opener...

To find a local farm or farmers market go here...put in your zip and it will bring up info for your area.
So this weekend before the football games, cross country matches,soccer games take time to do something good for yourself...BUY LOCAL BUY FRESH PRODUCE!

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